Monday, January 2, 2012

LTUE 2012... A Bad Beginning

Last year was my first opportunity to attend the writing conference, know as Life, The Universe and Everything, at Brigham Young University and I just have to say it was amazing. Tons of authors from multiple genres discussing topics on every aspect of writing. It was well attended and for $25, it was a screaming deal.

So this year I've been waiting for a LONG time for them to announce when the 2012 conference will be hosted. Its always been held in Febuary; usually the President's Day weekend. And their website said to plan on it then, even though nothing was set. So I scheduled time off from work in giddy anticipation (believe me, getting good time off at the Post Office is sometimes a miracle).

Imagine my surprise when I checked their website on January 2nd to see that its now being held Febuary 9-11th at Utah Valley University and they will announce who their Guest of Honor is later. To further add to the confusion, the cost will be announced later too.


I know its 2012 and all... and there's a major calendar crisis scheduled for later this year... but I couldn't help wondering a few things.

  1. Shouldn't they know who their guest of honor is by now?
  2. If the conference is always in Febuary, why weren't facilities at BYU scheduled a year in advance?
  3. A month and a half from showtime and they don't know the cost?

Is it me, or is whoever is running LTUE asleep at the wheel? Why am I feeling like the warm-up to the 2002 Olympics?


Its never a good thing when Postal Employees are disgruntled. Grumpy writers too.

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