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The Many Faces of Me
Anthony Dutson is an award-winning author of science fiction and fantasy. He's a crazy Leo with a penchant for Tiny Spicy Chicken (a.k.a. General Tso's Chicken), Joss Whedon, and writing any kind of story that grabs his fancy.

He entered his first writing contest in fifth grade and walked home with the first-place prize: a haunted house made out of graham crackers. In 1977, he was the last kid in his neighborhood to see Star Wars and still bears the scars. He continued writing short fiction and was encouraged by many of his writing teachers to submit his work for publication, but didn’t until much later. He was, however, fortunate enough to enroll in the first creative writing class ever offered at Mountain Crest High School.

He graduated in 2001 from Utah State University in Technical and Professional Communication. Also in that year, he received his first rejection letter for a short story he submitted to Dragon magazine. It was rejected because the ending was too abrupt (he was reading Ambrose Bierce at the time) and didn’t follow the D & D game mechanics.

After attending Dave Farland's Writer's Death Camp in November of 2010, he joined two awesome writing groups and meets them every couple of weeks to get their writing geek fix. His favorite thing about writing is when a character does something unexpected and surprises him.

In addition to writing short stories, Anthony is currently working on two novels that keep his imagination flowing. He participates in two writing groups and is a member of Authors Incognito. He is an avid reader and enjoys the works of authors such as Edgar Allan Poe, Ray Bradbury, David Wolverton, Tracy Hickman, Orson Scott Card, Terry Pratchett, Jonathan Maberry, and Jasper Fforde.

Anthony has a wonderful wife and four great children, three in their teenage years, which is to say that he feels like they have indications of head trauma during early development. They all live, quite happily, in the rocky valleys of Utah.

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