Friday, May 11, 2012

My Summer Blockbuster Picks

When it comes to movies, I really don't make it to very many of them in the theater. Why?

Tickets           $8.50
                             X 6
Munchies    $30.00
Argument over which movie we're seeing -- Priceless

(Anyone notice the munchies are almost as much as the movie?)

So here's my pics for movies I'm willing to fight over this summer. But bare in mind, the top five are probably the only real contenders for being seen outside of a Redbox.

Oh... and number ten. Definitely.

1 - The Avengers

Come on. Does anyone not want to see this one?
The Avengers Poster - 2012 Movie Promo Flyer - 11 X 17 - Shield Collage Teaser
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2 - Prometheus

Alien was the first movie that scared the crap out of me and this prequel looks just as hot as the first two Alien movies.
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3 - Brave

Pixar is always good (I haven't seen Cars 2) and this one looks as sweet as pie with a strong female protagonist.
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4 - The Dark Knight Rises
I'm a little concerned over how they'll portray Bane, but the other movies in the franchise have been so much fun, I'm not terribly worried.

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5 - The Amazing Spider-Man

I've been a Spidey fan since way back. I think it all stems from a geek being the hero.
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6 - Snow White and the Huntsman

I'll admit it. I like the fairy tale films like Red Riding Hood. And besides, I'd be Charlize Theron's mirror-mirror any day.
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7 - Battleship

I'm hoping this one has a good storyline, but really, I want to see this one because seeing conquering aliens getting their butt kicked is my idea of a good time.
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8 - Dark Shadows

I'm not a huge Tim Burton fan, but this vamp tale looks pretty funny.
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9 - Chernobyl Diaries

Radioactive zombies. Yum.
Third Chernobyl Diaries Poster
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10 - Not too much else I wanna see this summer especially since The Raven is already out. Umm... I'll save my money for The Hobbit in December.
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  1. Battleship looks lame. Not worth more than a Redbox. The one I'm looking forward to most is Prometheus, but DKR will be killer too.

  2. I'm right there with you on the movie price and munchies! We went to see Sherlock Holmes 2 at the $3 theater and were pleasantly surprised to find the snackage was also discounted. Wahoo! I love a good movie with the theater experience and popcorn to boot, but I cannot love the price tag for a family of five. Movies at home are just as fun and we get the choice of our own snackage. I am looking forward the day when we all have a home movie theater where we can download the movies via the Internet, brand spanking new! It's on the horizon, right?

    Onto the movies!

    'Avengers'...I'm caught up on the pre-movies and Shaun/Tyler said it was worth the $ to see in the theater. At 2.5 hours, they said it went fast. Good sign? I hope so! (I thought Captain America dragged a bit.) 'Dark Shadows' looks friend Tater in ATX is a fan of the old TV show, so of course, I wanna see it. 'Snow White and the Huntsman'...YES! I've been hooked on the 'Once Upon a Time' TV series, so twists on an old fairy tale get an automatic upgrade. (That and Robert De Niro.) 'Brave' is a yes...who doesn't wanna see a red-haired heroine from our ancestry?

    I can't say I'll be seing any of these new in the theater, but I WILL see them! ;-)


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