Monday, October 15, 2012

Freshman Fifteen

The October Memoir and Backstory Blog Challenge continues...

Freshman Fifteen
I've finally make it to high school. Sure I'm a dreaded 'freshman,' but I don't care about that. I've had three brothers and a sister and high school was when they became adults. So I'm glad to have arrived.

The school is brand new, so even the seniors are new at the school. There's really no hazing because we're all trying to find our niche in the new place.

The Next Big Role
I try out for the school play and land the role of Count Mountjoy in, The Mouse That Roared. I'm really looking forward to doing this play and the roll feels like something I'm going to enjoy hamming up.

Count Mountjoy, adviser to the Queen
Unfortunately, the director is terrible at managing the production. He directs well enough, but two nights from curtain we only have a limited set. And the set we do have is a hodge-podge of items that look... bad. The seniors get the cast together and we have a vote and decide to go on strike. We sit down with the director and make our demands.

We'll handle our costumes and he'll get the set together. If we don't have a set in twenty-four hours, we walk. He agrees and set construction begins in earnest. By show time, the paint is dry and the show goes on.

Amazing World News

There was one bit of world news that stunned me that year. A Japanese soldier from World War II finally surrenders in the Philippians. The war has been over for nearly forty years, but he's been continuing the battle in the mountains, occasionally killing a local. He ignored leaflets telling him the war was over, thinking it was a trap.

Probably thanks to the movie Wargames, and our President Ronny Ray-Gun, my friends and I are really into war board games, especially Risk. Then again, we play a fair bit of D&D too. And Clue. Monopoly. 10-4 Good Buddy. Scotland Yard. Hmmm... Maybe it's better to just say we play a lot of games...

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