Monday, October 22, 2012

Life Begins at Twenty-Two

The Memoir and Backstory Blog Challenge continues...

Life Begins at Twenty-Two
When I got home from my LDS mission, the world opened up before me. The B-52s where really big for me now, especially their latest album: Cosmic Thing. I still don't know what I want to do with my life, but I figure I have a couple years of college before I have to figure that out.

Now was the time I was going to go to college and at some point, find my wife. I was still heartbroken from my Dear John, but now I could actually do something to fix that. Now I could find the brunette girl I'd seen in my dream.

That Burning Feeling
I have one funny encounter with my old flame. I was heading into the Old Main building at Utah State University and she was just coming out. My brain told me, "Hey! You know her." My face brightened and I said, "Hi!" Her face looked stunned and she squelched out a surprised, "Hi!" That's right about the time my brain fed me the information that this girl was the one who Dear Johned me and lied to our friends about it. "Bye!" I said as I breezed past her without looking back.

I'm sure it made me look tougher than I felt, but I did think it was pretty funny.

I began dating, but had crap for success. I went out with one girl a few times and thought things were going well... until she looked at me and said, "You're such a nice guy. You're going to make some girl very happy."

Uh... nice guy. Some girl... ah... not you.

I eventually did find a girl and settled into a relationship with her. She was raven haired and I really liked her sense of humor. Plus she wanted a serious relationship... just not with me. That was the point when things began to sour. She wanted me close, but she knew I wasn't the one. Eventually we walked away from each other, equally disgusted.


  1. I like the encounter with the Dear John letter. It looks so much more suave than it actually was from your perspective. But she'll never know. Unless she reads your blog and that would be cool, too.

  2. Ah, those dating years - so tough. Does he like me? Am I talking too much, too little, about the wrong things? Should I kiss him on the first date or not? When I got engaged, all I could think was, thank God that's over!
    Jane Ann


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