Friday, October 19, 2012

Nineteen in Waiting

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The October Memoir and Backstory Blog Challenge continues...

Nineteen in Waiting
I spend my eighteenth birthday party at Disneyland and the buildup to my nineteenth is ominus. At nineteen I want to serve a mission for my church. After I graduate, I have almost a full year before I'll leave. My friends encourage me to get a year of college in, but I'm sick of school and want to play.

I work and wait.

Hyrum Drug
My mom didn't want me to get a job in high school. She wanted me to focus on my grades. I, on the other hand, wanted some spending cash. My starting wage isn't a ton, but it's something I can play with. A little over a year later, I ask for a ten cent raise and get it. Now I'm rolling and making $3.65 an hour.

The work is fun and I do it all. Unloading trucks, running the cash registers, stocking the milk, repairing the soda machines, wrapping presents, inflating balloons, and cleaning the VCR's that the store rents. I even get to repair the damaged VHS tapes.

The Social Scene
Hanging out with friends at the dam.
There's nothing much to do, but I get it done quickly. I do my chores at home and go to work. When I'm off, I hang out with my friends, most of which are still in their senior year at Mountain Crest.

After chasing her for two years, I finally connect with the girl I took to my Junior Prom. We seriously date and think we're headed for marriage when I return home from my mission. I keep her by my side for almost every major event that year and my parents even take her with us on our family's vacation to Yellowstone.

At my mission farewell, I gush about how important she is to me. I really care about her and think she feels the same way. The truth will be revealed the following year.

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