Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Wintergirls Review

Wintergirls is the first book you'll ever read that will put you in the head of an anorexic. If you suffer from anorexia, please get and accept help... and after reading this book I know just how hard that is.

The Good
The science behind Wintergirls was amazing. Laurie Anderson did her research and had plenty of beta readers that tightened this well told narrative. Every food item she thinks of comes with its calorie count. Even worse, you're given the driving emotions behind this sickness to the point were you feel her pain and desire to make her insane goals.

The Bad
Wintergirls is one of those books that makes you feel uncomfortable and that's not bad. This book, while harsh in it's reality, almost should be required reading in high school. It won't change the mentality of people suffering from eating disorders, but it makes the readers aware of what's happening behind the closed doors of others minds.

The Spin
Wintergirls is one of those great books that takes an uncomfortable topic and makes it understandable. You'll feel an even greater sense of compassion for those who suffer from this illness and those who love them. Adults might want to read this one before handing it off to their kids solely so they can discuss the life threatening topics found in it.

For me, Wintergirls is not a book I'll ever reread. But from the knowledge and emotions I've gained, it's one I'm infinitely glad to have read.

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