Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Case File 13: Zombie Kid Review

This copy of Zombie Kid was an early Christmas
Case File 13: Zombie Kid, is J. Scott Savage's new mid-grade series. I was fortunate enough to win an advanced reader copy before its December 26th release date. Being a big fan of Jeff's Farworld series, I eagerly jumped into it.

The Good
Lots of people that are looking for a great middle-grade series for boys. There are plenty of books that draw girls in, but not many that can do the same with boys. Well, look no further! All the classic hooks for boys are here: best buds, bicycles, Halloween pranks, zombies, voodoo, pestering girls, and gross goo.

Jeff's writing is some of the best you'll see and his humor is laugh out loud funny. My co-workers kept giving me funny looks as I read and I would have to stop and tell them the story.

What's more, this book was made to be read out loud. I read this to my kids and we had a blast with all the different characters. Each has a distinct voice and personality and their antics make for a fun read.

The Bad
It's too bad Zombie Kid didn't have an earlier release date during October. For... you know... Halloween. It's not necessary for the story, but...


That's pretty much my biggest complaint.

The Spin
If you're looking for a fun read, or want to pick up something your kids would enjoy, then pick up Case File 13: Zombie Kid. Its book one in a new 13 book series and a quick read you don't want to miss.

Check out the Harper-Collins site for more juicy tidbits on Case File 13: Zombie Kid.

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