Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Mystic City Review

Mystic City
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I've been working through a lot of reading recommendations in the past few months. One of these was Mystic City by Theo Lawrence.

Mystic City is the YA dystopia featuring Aria Rose, a young woman with huge gaps in her memory. Aria lives in a world where the oceans have risen and some of the population have developed magical abilities. These mystics are regularly drained of their dangerous energies so their power can be used for the good of the city.

But a dangerous uprising has begun and a new drug is killing people. Will the class warfare between the social elite and the mystics destroy what little world remains?

The Good
The story moves very quickly and cleanly. It's well written and does a great job with a compelling narrative. There's action and romance. The characters are vivid and well done.

The Bad
I've never been a Romeo & Juliet fan and Mystic City is a Romeo & Juliet reboot. All that teenage angst grates on my nerves.

And I don't enjoy love triangles either, but this one is well done because the one guy is such a jerk. It was a easy contest. 

That said, Mystic City is a MUCH better telling of the original tale. Sorry, Mr. Shakespeare.

The Spin
Pick up Mystic City, it's a fun read. Theo did a fantastic job of creating an engaging world. If you like dystopian YA, this one is for you.

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