Sunday, March 13, 2016

Sunday Writer's Confessional

This was a great week for my writing. I worked on my writing during all my breaks at work and a majority of the day on my day off. The only downside to my writing week was a LOT of overtime at my day (night) job. This killed the hours I normally come home and write.

Still, I'm doing more writing than I have in a long time.

One question... Is rewriting considered writing?

I know it's not 'new' words, although in a lot of cases they are. (The first draft was pretty rough in places.) I've been wondering whether I'm hurting myself by not crafting new stories WHILE I'm rewriting my old story.

Of course with the time I have, its probably better if I keep plugging along on what I'm doing. And naturally, any work is a step in the right direction.

And somehow this week I created another conflicted copy of my story. Most of the changes are in the conflicted copy this time, so it's obvious I have NO idea what I'm doing.

What were your writerly sins last week?

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