Monday, October 8, 2012

Life Changing Eight

A Star Wars Christmas
The October Memoir and Backstory Blog Challenge Continues...

Tony The Great Is Eight
Those are the words my mom writes on my birthday cake that year. At eight, my world gets a whole lot bigger.

First, I see a trailer for a movie that will change the way I think about everything. My friends are the first to see it and can't stop talking about it. I'm forced to play Ben Kenobi and sit out halfway through the game. After relentlessly pleading, my parents finally manage for us to go.

The film is Star Wars and it rocks my world.

I get baptized into The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and want to be like Jesus. I'm not a bad kid, but I know Jesus is definitely someone I want to follow. I save my pennies and give them to the Primary Children's Hospital. After my baptism, I go to my friends birthday party at the Logana swimming pool. We love the slides and share terror stories about kids who lost their foam mats coming down the slides and have huge chunks of skin removed from their bodies. We've never seen it happen, but watch and wait.

World Events That I Notice
Later that year a man with a flashy suit and good music dies. He was the king, but still dies at 42. I'm older than that now and it makes me sad to think of dying a year ago. People say you can still see Elvis every now and then.

President Carter signs away the Panama Canal. It seems strange to me since we built it. Carter likes peanuts. I like peanuts.

A company called Atari comes out with a 'video game system' and I really want one. The closest I ever get is my friend Mike's. Mike doesn't let me play much, but I can watch him play as much as I want. I go home to play with my new Darth Vader action figure.

More good music came out that year. Saturday Night Live is released by the Bee Gees and disco is Dyno-mite! My parents never would get me a disco ball for my room. I still kinda want one, but now I'm too tired to put it up.

Serial killers got big press that year too, but the Hillside Strangler and Ted Bundy were finally caught.

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  1. Great details! And since you are the age of a couple of my sons, I can actually relate to Star Wars! Nice post.


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