Sunday, October 7, 2012

Lucky Seven

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Lucky Seven
When I turned seven the new bicentennial quarters were out: a revolutionary with a tri-fold hat, banging on a drum. They were cool and I tried to save the ones I found thinking they were collectable.

Gerald Ford was the President of the United States and I thought he seemed like a nice man, but was old. I can remember being at a friends house and the presidential debate was on. My friends father asked me which one I liked. I told him I thought Jimmy Carter looked like a nice guy. He told me Carter was an idiot and would be terrible for our country. It took me years to learn why he was.

The world seemed to be a place of unrest. An American ambassador was killed in Lebanon. The grown ups didn't like that much.

I remember hearing that a dam collapsed in Idaho and was worried that my grandma (who lived a block away) might get hurt, so my mom let me run to her house to warn her.

Gordan Lightfoot released a haunting tune based on an actual ship wreck and it was the first time I remember being captivated by music. Whenever it came on the radio I would rush next to the speakers to listen closely to the sad tale of the Edmund Fitzgerald.

Perhaps this was where I learned the power an emotional story, well told, can produce.

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