Thursday, October 25, 2012

Matrimonial Twenty-Five

The final day of the Memoir and Backstory Blog Challenge! Some days felt pretty rushed, but I got in all 25 days. Next year, I think I'll do what some of the others did this year: write little stories of memories from each year. They'll be a whole lot more entertaining...

Matrimonial Twenty-Five
I'm still going to school, but I'm sick of dating. My friends despair and start setting me up with girls, but none of them pan out either. Frankly, I'm to tired of being all peppy on a date. I just want to relax and be myself.

At work, I'm the assistant produce manager at Macey's in Logan. I want to move up, but I'm not entirely sure what I want to move into. I'm still recovering from my bitter feeling over my last relationship, when one day at work I see someone that catches my eye.

Meeting the Missus
I stop to chat with a lady I know from our hometown, who introduces me to her daughter. She just came home from an LDS mission in Italy. And... she's cute... with big eyes and a great butt. (Hey... I'm dealing in the truth here.)

So I find out more about her and ask her out. I don't think she had a very good time, but I failed to appreciate that she was still acclimatizing to life back in the United States. Worse still, she does something that my gentleman's ego regards as a cardinal sin: she opens her own car door instead of waiting for me to open it. I know... I know... but my parents had strict rules of behavior and I was taught to open doors for ladies. Even my sisters.

So I decided that the date was a bust and I wouldn't be seeing her again.

Logan, Utah LDS Temple
But... a few months later she began working in the snack bar at Macey's and I forgot the original reason I didn't ask her out again. She was still cute... and all... so I asked her out.

What followed was a non-stop date and whirlwind romance that ended with us being married in the Logan LDS Temple.

At one point in the temple there were three of us grooms waiting in a hall for our brides (there were a lot of weddings that September). A temple matron brought out three women and one was Katrina. The matron smiled to the brides and said, "Well, pick which one you want." For half a second I thought, "OH, CRAP, pick me!"

She did pick me and although we've put each other through hell, we've also experienced a lot of heaven.

And did you notice? She's a brunette! 


  1. I love that line, Oh crap, pick me! So funny. A beautiful photo - you both look so happy!
    I'm delighted that you're planning to do this challenge again next year! I've really enjoyed reading your entries.
    Jane Ann

  2. What a gorgeous wedding photo. Great story.

    Congrats on completing the challenge. I got Day/Age 23 up today so I should get this completed.

  3. I met my husband in Logan too :) Cute story!

  4. Anthony,
    I read your answer to Richard about Mormons and writing. I thought it was a great answer, and I think you've got something there.
    I, too, believe we are required to use our talents. Even if we have fewer talents (or less talent)than others have been given, burying it is not an option. (I'm sure you know the parable I'm referring to). There is a need in this world for everyone's talents.
    Jane Ann


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