Monday, October 1, 2012

My First Year

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The October Memoir and Backstory Blog Challenge begins!

My First Year
The year was 1969 and Neil Armstrong had just walked on the moon.

I'd like to have been there that hot, July day as the returning astronauts splashed down after their lunar mission. Truth be told, I was there. Just making a different splash...

I was the fifth child born to my parents and a bit of a surprise, after having lost a pregnancy between me and my older sister. I caused my mom hard labor and my dad worried he'd lose us both. But Doc Burgess was the best of country physicians and knew his craft well. I really couldn't blame him and my dad for being distracted by the televised splash-down. I couldn't... but Mom could.

Other things were happening during that time. Vietnam was in full swing and the country looked like it was tearing itself apart. Worse still, a month later the Manson family would begin earning their way onto death row. The world was a scary place, but I was glad to be in it. No doubt Jennifer Lopez, who was born on the same day as me, felt that same way. 


  1. Sounds like a great year to make an entrance! I like how you've credited the Doc for his skill in getting you and Mom through it - any birth is as tricky as landing a vehicle on the moon.

    Always good to find out who was born the same day - who tops who? Does my Goldie Hawn top J Lo?!

    Keep up the good work,


  2. What an auspicious day to be born - I mean because of the lunar mission returning, not JLo. I really like the way you've mixed near-history and social commentary in with your birth - very interesting. I wouldn't have thought to do that. I look forward to reading your future posts in this challenge.

  3. I like the associations with your birth and the return of Armstrong, et. al. Loved "a different splash..." and the understandable distraction. Fun piece!

    Joy's Book Blog

  4. What a little cutie you were :) In 1969 I graduated from High school! Oh my!


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